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This Summer – change your perspective!

ENROLL NOW – with Camp Kaleidoscope

For kids in grades K-5

Welcome to Camp Kaleidoscope


Opening new vistas of learning!


Camp Kaleidoscope was created with the belief that summer camp can be both fun and enlightening.  With a typical school year focused heavily on math and language arts, why not give your children the chance to explore their interests in art, science, dance, music, cooking and so much more through an engaging hands-on summer program.  At Camp Kaleidoscope the classes change weekly so children never get bored.  Run by a certified teacher, each week’s program is designed to stimulate a child’s imagination, introducing them to new and exciting worlds each week.

Each day begins with morning meeting where all campers gather to review our days schedule and activities, answer any questions campers might have and review our “character first” goals. Following morning meeting will be thirty minutes of both free and structured outdoor play. At 10AM our first programs begin! The camp schedule is designed so that the longer programs that require more attention are scheduled for the morning. There are two hour-long morning programs followed by three shorter afternoon programs. Campers work throughout the day in groups of up to five students, each with a designated group leader or camp counselor. At the end of each day campers are given the opportunity to write down and/or draw a picture of their favorite activity of that day. These short journal entries will then be used to make a memory book for campers to take home at the end of their camp experience. Like the changing colors of a Kaleidoscope, Camp K offers new and unique experiences every week so campers are constantly engaged.

The overall mission of Camp Kaleidoscope is to provide a fun, engaging summer experience but another important component is to reinforce the positive character development of all our campers. To accomplish this goal, the Character First Curriculum is used to teach campers about seven important character traits such as respect, kindness, flexibility and more. These lessons are taught through the use of art projects, books and acting out short skits and are reinforced throughout the week at morning meetings. As part of this program, campers are asked to demonstrate the character traits that they are learning about throughout the week. Each time a camper is caught demonstrating an act of kindness or in any other way exemplifying the lessons of the character first program, they receive a ticket. Each Friday afternoon a closing ceremony is held where campers are recognized for their achievements throughout the week and the tickets they earned are used in a raffle to win prizes. Not only does this type of program build important character traits in our campers but it also builds self-esteem.

Throughout the day the camp schedule includes programs that require campers to burn off some of their energy, whether dancing or playing collaborative team games or learning sports skills, there is always something active on the schedule. In fact, each day begins with thirty minutes out doors in addition to an extended outdoor lunch and recess. We also make, an effort to run our classes in an outdoor setting whenever possible so that campers get plenty of opportunities to get outside.

At Camp Kaleidoscope, we understand that you want to be part of your child’s summer camp experience. Each week we will provide a detailed schedule of the plans for that specific week. Camp staff will also take pictures throughout the day to share on our camp Facebook page. Also, at the end of each week parents receive a weekly newsletter on the events of the previous week. Campers will also be part of documenting their summer days! Part of our wrap up time at the end of each day will be to have the campers write or draw their favorite activity of the day so at the end of their time at Camp Kaleidoscope they will have a little keepsake book as a memory.


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